Meet Our Team


Phillip Lee

Managing Director


Phillip has been involved in developing advanced commercial greenhouse systems for some years, working on some of the most high profile projects in the world today. He has spent the last 5 years at the University of Nottingham’s School of the built Environment conducting PhD research into Advanced Greenhouse Systems. During that time he identified and assisted in the development a number of key technologies that will be of benefit both to horticulture and architecture alike. With a background in marketing, Phillip is thoroughly aware of the need to bridge the gap between academic research and the commercial world. Unusually having started in commerce before moving into academia, he considers his feet to be fully on the ground of what actually will work in the field, not just in the lab.

‘Its not going to be sustainable technology if no one buys it!’

Steve Clarkson Grower Director

Steve Clarkson

Grower Director


With a career spanning 35 years in commercial greenhouse operation, Steve is one of the most respected growers in his field. Until recently, as the elected Chairman of the UK’s Cucumber Growers Association, Steve has always been at the cutting edge of new development commercial greenhouse production. For example pioneering biological controls, he successfully developed the only fully pesticide and herbicide free production in 9ha of cucumbers and tomatoes. After a steep learning curve he achieved higher, not lower production levels from this ground breaking step towards more sustainable food production. Steve is currently Head Grower of the prestigious Sahara Forest Project in Qatar (see our projects section). Steve has worked closely with Phillip over the last 5 years, developing a deep understanding of the needs of commercial growing operations, and new technology developments alike.

Tom Smith Finance Director

Tom Smith

Financial Advisor


Tom is Managing Director of the Artema and on the board of a number of SME’s including Evolve. Tom provides invaluable support assisting us in creating rigorous financial models to identify the viability of new technologies in reality, ensuring the advice we give to clients has been confirmed independently.

Tom was voted also ‘Accountant of the Year 2004’.