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Evolve is committed to being aware of all developments in both Horticulture and Architecture in order to effect as much ‘cross-fertilization’ of ideas as possible.

For example, what is discovered in light research on plant photosynthesis, has got to have bearing on human wellbeing and performance in open plan offices.

We are constantly reviewing key literature in both disciplines to ensure we bring to attention critical new discoveries to both arenas.

Evolve is actively involved with not only product development with its partners, but the first principle academic research is for the benefit of all. An example of this is the currently proposed research programme into UV light effects on greenhouse crop production: The flavours of tomatoes and the vibrancy of flowers. It simply stands to reason that when we transfer this deepening understanding into the built environment, with glazing materials such as ETFE, that is capable of creating the outside, inside it is going to have significant effects on human behaviour.

We are always happy to look at further research areas, so if you are in academia or have what you believe is the ‘next big thing’ please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

If you are interested in our research or collaborating then please do get in touch.