What is F-Clean®?

F-Clean® Greenhouse Film is a thin film covering material made from ETFE. It is the preferred covering material for horticultural greenhouses as it lets in more light than glass, PE film, polycarbonate and PMMA sheets.


Beef Steak Plant


Young plants of Celery


Tomato Plant

By allowing maximum UV light transmission (up to 94%), F-Clean® ensures earlier harvest of better quality fruit and vegetables and more colourful flowers.

Low surface energy gives F-Clean® film non-stick and self-cleaning properties so greenhouses remain clean naturally with rain or snow. Snow will automatically slide off, saving the cost of labour-intensive and expensive snow removal. No condensation will ever fall onto plants as F-Clean® has excellent anti-dripping properties.

Highly durable, ETFE film has proved to protect greenhouses for more than 25 years without showing signs of deterioration. Grades range in thickness from 60 µm (2.4 mil) to 100 µm (4 mil).



• Covering material for horticultural greenhouses

• Diffused versions restrict light intensity for sensitive crops

• Double layering of covered materials promotes heat retention, reducing the cost of heating

• Ultraviolet block series controls amount of ultraviolet light


• Light transmittance up to 94%

• Translucent to ultraviolet light

• Anti-dripping and self-cleaning properties

• Very high reflection and refraction rates

• High tensile strength compared to other plastic films

• Low degradation from sunlight and heat (more than 25 years without any deterioration)


“Our plants have 10-20% more flowers and the colour is much more intense. The general appearance of the plants is better with the leaves firmer and darker green in colour. We bring our plants to market 10-14 days earlier in Spring.”

Crop:Bedding plants and pot plants
Location:Pullheim, Germany
Grade:Single Layer F-Clean 100 micron clear

“Our plants grow faster, and produce more branches and brighter coloured flowers. F-Clean also encourages compact growth, with this we can obtain higher productivity per square metre.”

Crop: Bedding Plants
Location: Kempen, Germany
Grade: Double Layer F-Clean: Inside layer 60 micron diffuse, outside layer 100 micron clear

“F-Clean is UV transparent and therefore allows for higher quality produce. By using F-Clean my produce has richer and more vivid colours with increased survival of plants and flowers. F-Clean has also proven to be cost effective.”

Crop:Young plants (vegetables)
Location: Aldersbach, Germany
Grade:Double Layer F-Clean, inside layer 60 micron diffuse, outside layer 100 micron clear

Greenhouse Application

F-Clean® Greenhouse Project, Norway.

Installed: October 2008 by VDH. Film grade: Clear (UV-transmissive) + Diffuse (UV-transmissive). Crop: Pot plant and cucumber

NorwayGreenhouse3 NorwayGreenhouse2 NorwayGreenhouse1

Non-Greenhouse Application


Compost House (Waste Food)


Fish Farm – Blowfish Fugu


Cow House – FClean Soft Shine

With many years of experience in researching, building and growing under these films – Elove Growing Solutions has recently been selected to become Technical Advisers for the use of F-Clean® materials –  we are best placed to advise growers and builders alike on the value they should expect to see from using F-Clean® for greenhouse and non greenhouse applications..

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