About Our Company

Evolve Growing Solutions is focused on identifying and developing new technologies that can genuinely move the built environment and food production towards a more sustainable future. We frequently find that developments in one sector can have substantial benefit to the other – what’s good for plants can also be good for humans.

By providing focused product development support – technical and promotional assistance to prospective customers – through to turnkey project management when required, we can ensure that these new approaches have been rigorously tested, and successfully implemented. This ensures the maximum learning curve from the whole approach, feeding back into continuous improvement for the benefit of all concerned.

We work with a number of international Universities and private research institutions, such as Materials Technology.

Our Mission

‘Evolve is committed to the further development of biomimicry techniques as the key starting point to truly sustainable and optimal technology developments for the future.’

The premise that we should first identify the technical solutions that best mimic the natural environment before seeking to improve upon it, is increasingly being adopted as a core value from pharmaceuticals to architectural design. Evolution has had millions of years to get it right, we have to start recognising the real ‘back catalogue’ for what it is – our most precious recourse’